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Hello! I'm Rev. Ruth!

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I am passionate about Unitarian Universalism!  I believe that many people are UUs at heart but don’t know it because they don’t know us.  I want to change that by engaging in “uuvangelism” - the intentional, effective sharing of our particular good news!  We will make the world better one UU at a time!

Church is a community where people bring their whole selves and seek welcome, understanding and support.  Sometimes the brokenness in folk leads to conflict which can become an obstacle to our mission.  My counseling background gives me the tools to help individuals and groups work through conflict and find a way forward to creating justice and fulfilling the UU mission!

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 am heartbroken by the injustices all around us!  A Unitarian Universalist congregation is a base camp for educating, empowering and equipping outraged people to go into the larger community and dismantle white supremacy, anti-blackness, sexism, heteronormativity, gender-binarism, ableism, and other systems of oppression, and to create space for and participate in the radical re-making of our world.

I am a white, cisgender, heterosexual female person; my pronouns are she/her/hers.  My husband Bill and I are still discovering each other after 25 years, and engaged in our most successful cooperative project of parenting two amazing young persons, Liam and Angus!  I am an ardent lover of animals including cats, dogs, lizards, birds, snakes, horses, and star-nosed moles.  I walk, hike, swim, read, listen, sing, sit in the quiet, travel, cook, write, and visit with friends.

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But wait!  There's more . . . 

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